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Waltham Parish Council has supported a Parish Website for a number of years, providing information on the work of the Parish Council, the Church, Village Hall, and Waltham Park.

Legislation requires the Parish Council to produce a website that conforms to accessibility arrangements, and in doing so has retained the overall structure of the ‘old’ site while introducing new facilities for less able users. If you click on the ‘stick man’ at the top right corner you will discover how this has been achieved.  There are also better ways of sharing information and enabling more meaningful consultation with parishioners.

This site enables you to catch up on how your Parish Council is serving you, including the minutes of Parish Council Meetings; the Policies and Procedures necessary for effective governance; how Council spends your money contributed via the Precept; and how Council tries to support local organisations. If there is anything that you feel the Council should be aware of, where it can help or support you, or how we can further improve the site, then please get in touch using the Contacts page.

It is important to stress that site development is a continuous process, so any suggestions you have will be carefully considered.

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