Local Business


Waltham used to have a shop, but that has long since closed. Still, there is a number of shops of all shapes and sizes within a few miles. Here are listed a number of the closer areas, with a little bit of information about each to give the reader a picture of what is available.

Shopping areas

From Waltham, shops may be found in Wye (about 5.5 miles south-west), Stelling Minnis (about 3 miles east), Canterbury (about 7 miles north), and Wincheap (about 6 miles north).


Wye is a small town with a Coop, a tiny but well-regarded artisanal bakery, a Chinese restaurant and take-away, a butcher/greengrocer, banks, and other shops commensurate with its size.

Stelling Minnis

There is a village shop and post office in Stelling Minnis. It is the closest shop to Waltham, although the direct route there has some narrow sections.


Canterbury has the usual array of small and large stores to be expected in a cathedral city, including Wilkinsons, Debenhams, Waitrose, Marks and Spencer, Sainsbury, Boots, and WH Smiths.


Although Wincheap is geographically next to and part of Canterbury, approaching the latter from Waltham can take one to Wincheap first. At the south-western end is a retail area with Morrisons, Boots, and a number of other stores, along with one of Canterbury’s Park-and-Ride sites. Beyond that is the Wincheap Industrial Estate, which also has a variety of outlets for tiling, carpets, furniture, electrical goods, kitchens, camping and outdoor clothing, and hardware.

Wincheap itself boasts a number of small shops, such as newsagents, fish and chop shops, and outlets for wood burning stoves, specialty and general hardware.


Chartham has a village shop and post office, and Bridge has a small number of shops.