Refuse Collection

What bins should I have?

Small Grey Bins. These are used for food waste only. The smaller of the two you can use indoors, the larger is the one you put out for collection. Collected weekly.

Black Bin. Anything you can’t put in the other bins goes here. Collected fortnightly.

Green Bin. This is the bin with the green lid. Vegetable matter from the garden, such as dead flowers, hedge trimmings, grass cuttings, goes in this bin, which is collected fortnightly.

Blue Bin. This bin has the blue lid; it is the general recycling bin. Paper and cardboard goes in the insert container with the red handles, while tins, glass bottles, plastic bottles, and drinks cartons go in the main part of the bin. It is also collected fortnightly.

More Information

For more information, refer to the City Council website. There is a link to Bins & Recycling on the front page

Notes about the Bin Collections

You can put out the small grey bin each week. One week, you will put out the black bin with it, and the following week you put out the green and blue bins with it. Refer to the timetable from Canterbury City Council to see which bins go out on which day. The bin collection day for Waltham is Friday, but be aware that it may be on another day around Christmas and Easter.

Extra cardboard that you can’t get into the insert container in the blue bin, or larger sheets of cardboard that won’t fit in it, can all be put out separately. Put a stack of such cardboard on edge between the two larger bins, using the bins to trap the cardboard.

Food waste that you put in the grey bin should be either wrapped in newspaper or put in a bio-degradeable bag. By doing this, you will not only reduce any food smell problem, you’re also being nice to the refuse collectors. Ensure that the bin is always locked by using its handle.

Please give each item that you recycle a quick rinse if it needs it. Again, by doing this you avoid food smells, you keep the blue bin clean, and the refuse collectors will appreciate it.

What not to recycle

You can’t (at present) recycle batteries, plastic film (e.g. from food trays), or polystyrene. Take dead batteries to a supermarket and put the other things in the black bin, along with fireplace ashes and santitary items. Empty blister packs for pills don’t recycle either.

Recycling cardboard

When recycling cardboard, please make sure that individual pieces of cardboard are no larger than 60 x 60 cm – about the length of your arm. These can then be bundled flat for collection.

The reason for this is that the refuse trucks are struggling to effectively crush large pieces of cardboard and boxes. This takes up a lot of space and reduces the amount of waste the truck can hold – resulting in the crew either making two trips to the recycling site, or putting it in landfill. Otherwise you may start seeing stickers on pieces of cardboard that are too large to be taken, asking you to break them down for the next collection.